Mission Statement

To continuously strive to produce superior quality workmanship and unrivalled customer care whilst maintaining impeccable business ethics.



Brothers Automotive started out with three staff members on the 19th February 2003 in Green Street, North End and at that stage the only clients were the Imperial Car Rental Group and private persons.

Since then brothershas grown from strngth to strength which is derectly attributed to our excellent workmanship and customer care.Our approach to quality and customer service ha become the trade mark of Brothers Automotive and all our staff is expected to meet this non-negotiable requirement.

brothers is part of SAMBRA and is accredited with a number of well-known car manufactures as an authorised repairer of their vehicles.

In addition to SAMBRA, Brothers ia also accredited with:


Services that we proudly supply

Over and above our uncompromising quality and serviice standards when it comes to our panel beating as well as our spray painting, we at Brothers are able to provide our clients the following services:

  • Free Quotations
  • Free Pick-up and delivery
  • Free Vehicle cleaning
  • A discount on touch-up paint
  • A discount on windscreens
  • Structural, restoring and cosmetic repairs of vintage cars

and many more value added services



Our Client Base

Today we are proud to include a wide spectrum of big name clients in our client base. Some of these clients include:

  • Mutual and Federal
  • Hollard
  • Santam
  • SA Underwriters
  • CTU underwritten by Hollard
  • Standard Fleet Management
  • Equestra and the Innovation Group
  • Various New Motor Vehicle Dealerships
  • Various Used Motor Vehicle Dealerships


Level 4 Grading

Our procurement policy gives preference to BEE companies